Adriana Figari's artistic creations, spanning abstract and representational landscapes, are deeply rooted in her experiences while residing in Argentina.

In her earlier years, Figari was a trained dancer alongside renowned soloist Gene Marinaccio of the Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo. Collaborating with esteemed dancers like Stefan Wenta and others, her dance career left an indelible mark on her artistic expression. Her paintings have been exhibited primarily on the west coast of the US as well as in Argentina. 

She works both in her studio in Meniffe California and at Villa con Cuore where she works along with other professional artists.

Her work is powerfully expressive and much like the work of Gerhard Richter who works in both abstract and representational, fulfilling her personal need for the variety of expression that comes from the early dance career.


By being uprooted from her homeland in Argentina at the age of twelve to her new home in America, with language barriers and other stigmas, she found grounding and freedom in her art that helped to overcome the obstacles.

Figari's works are a testament to her strong personal values and her ability to convey the emotion that comes through in her art.